About Us: Data Up​, Inc.

Understand Your Data, Control Your Future

Why We Help Businesses

We know that data is powerful. However, in today’s complex world, we can have too much data from all the various systems we use. Worse yet, we may have “bad data” from these systems, that tell us the wrong story. At Data Up, we understand all this and how businesses function. Our consultants bring a mix of business and technology partnership to the table for your business that will help you lead a better business life. We believe this so much that it’s in our slogan: “Understand Your Data, Control Your Future.” Arthur C. Nielsen, founder of ACNielsen, once said: “The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.” Don’t operate your business in the “darkness,” test and measure regularly so you know how your business is doing and what you can change to make a bigger impact.

How We Help Businesses

We know the value of attention to detail. This is why we only onboard maximum 2-3 clients at a time, to give as much personal attention as we can. We start by auditing your business, learning about your business goals and track records. We then create a strategy on how we can help you best. Using the agreed upon strategy, we execute on our project, keeping you in the loop along the way, so you know how things are coming along. We will have multiple wrap up meetings to ensure you understand what we’ve accomplished and are happy with our work.

What We Do For Businesses

Our services include the following:

Who We Work With

We, at Data Up, specialize in helping e-commerce and retail companies.

Our Ideal Clients:

  • Businesses with yearly revenue exceeding $500k OR
  • Marketing budget of at least $5000 per month OR
  • Businesses with 10-100 employees

Industries we focus on:

  • eCommerce & Retail in all industries


Our mission is to help business leaders make data-driven decisions so they can take actions to grow their company effectively.


Our vision is to ensure all decision-makers get useful dashboards so they can understand how their business is operating, in order to excel.


  • Client success comes before profit.
  • Find value for every client.
  • Measure and analyze regularly.


Mo Hossain is the founder of Data Up, Inc and an expert in Business Data Analytics and e-commerce. Mo worked in NYC and London with international companies for several years, where he helped major retailers, media and technology companies make sure their customers were having a great user experience. After working as a Sales Engineer, Solutions Consultant, Software Developer and DevOps Engineer, he started Data Up to help small and medium size businesses understand their data and create a better online experience so their customers keep coming back. Mo previously worked at New Relic and Wall Street Journal (Dow Jones), amongst others.

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