All-in-One Business Dashboards

Make smart, data driven decisions with all-in-one dashboards and alerts to keep your business running smoothly.

Experienced Consultants with US and European Enterprises

Do You Get Reports At The End of The Month and Wish You'd Seen It Sooner?

Today’s businesses are more complex than ever, with many systems and tools. It’s difficult for business leaders to keep an eye on the most important things. Are you still waiting for reports from last month? Is it too late to do something about it by the time you see it?

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Leave Monthly Reports Behind, Get Onboard Combined Dashboards

See your sales, finance, marketing data and more in one place, so you can proactively take actions and rest assured that your company is growing rapidly. 

The Value You Get From Our Process

1. Audit

We work with you to understand your business goals, the types of data you have and what's most important to you.
You get a clear understanding of which Key Performance Indicators you should be paying attention to.

2. Implement

We connect your information to the best tool, such as Databox, for your needs and curate dashboards for you and your leaders.
You see all your important information on a combined CXO dashboard on your computer, and on the go, on your phone.*

3. Optimize

We work with you over a period of time to see how the dashboards are working for you and improve them.
You can rest assured that we are here for you to get the most out of your new dashboards.

4. Educate

We help you and your teams understand how our curated all-in-one dashboards can be used on a daily basis.
You can see your company running efficiently in real time. You can take measures as soon as something doesn't look right, to reduce the bottom line and improve customer growth. **

The Right Package For Your Business

You get... PRO ELITE
We will audit, implement and optimize Google Analytics for one website.
Up to 5 customized dashboards for business leaders/executives 
Up to 5 custom reports (SEO, traffic, referrers, performance, etc.)
30 minutes review meetings with the business leader 1 month and 3 months after engagement ends.
Hours of training/education 2 hrs 3 hrs
Project engagement period 2 wks 3 wks
Advanced Google Analytics optimization (up to 2 hours of tagging and tracking work for buttons, forms, carts, etc)  
Free website audit ($500+ value)  
Option to get a Data Analyst on your team on a monthly basis
One time investment $$ $$$

Package price may vary based on site/project. Please call or schedule a free review with us to get a quote.

Monthly Robust Analytics Optimization

We offer ongoing analytics support on a monthly basis for initial consultation clients. This includes up to 5 hours monthly to optimize Google Analytics, review and tweak dashboards, keywords guidance, train employees etc. Get a Data Analyst on your team.

Schedule Your FREE Expert Dashboard Review

Please Note The Following

*Mobile access may be limited, depending on tool.
**Real time may be limited due to source, APIs, or tool.

Depending on your needs, we will choose a tool that works best for you. Some dashboarding tools have a monthly fee associated with them. With standard and premium packages, we will cover the first 3 months of costs for you. After this period, you will be responsible for monthly payments.

Possible Sources of data: Quickbooks Online, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Google / Facebook / Twitter, Shopify, WooCommerce, YouTube, and more. Not all tools are possible to integrate. Please contact us, if you have specific questions.

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