Mo: Your fractional CTO for all things digital

Recorded On: December 22, 2020

Your Fractional CTO for all things digital – Mo Hossain

Host Brenton Webber is joined by Fractional CTO, Mo Hossain. Mo is with Data Up and focuses on aligning business goals with a solid technology strategy to increase his customer’s return on investment. Can you replicate Amazon’s customer experience? The two explore this in detail, as well as how to improve your customer’s experience with technology.


About Brenton Webber & Half Time Orange

Half Time Orange is a New Zealand-based customer experience consultancy, founded in 2018. Our sole mission is to guide businesses in refocusing on the most crucial factor of their business, their customers. We do that by helping them understand the power of CX for higher returns and long-term growth.

Our work is based on the understanding that customer interactions are wide and varied, and impacted greatly by many different aspects of your business. Our holistic approach identifies the areas where the most impact be made and the largest return on investment can be realised.

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