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"Mo took ESL classes at 13 but ended up being the founder of an analytics company"

Alina - Mo Hossain on Immigrant Entrepreneurs Podcast

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Alina Warrick shares powerful and impactful journeys of immigrant entrepreneurs through her show Immigrant Entrepreneurs Podcast. Immigrants have a successful drive that allows them to create jobs, empower people around them, serve, build economies and make our world great.

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Excerpt from this Podcast

Mo lived a freeing and a happy life in Bangladesh, but when he came with his family members to join his father in the States at 13 years old he had to take ESL classes to learn English. He had no idea what business he was going to open.

For a period of time he wanted to save money to start some sort of venture to create passive income. However, when he quit his day job he had no plan. There was absolutely no business idea in place, so he went traveling.

After some travels, he had several business ideas. He either wanted to get into real estate to get passive income, or start a life coach business. However, he quickly realized that starting a software company was his ultimate immigrant entrepreneur venture.

Quotes by Mo

I’m not an expert in marketing, and I’m not an expert in business, but I do understand a lot of those things.

Mentors have walked part of the shoes that you’re walking in.

Having a good foundation with education is good.

Having experience in the field has been the most valuable to me.

To me, there are no failures.

I try to consider everything a life learning experience.

Really know your stuff before you go in front of people and try to make it work.

Education and knowledge is super critical and should be shared, and I can help people in many different ways.

Seeing the poverty level in different countries, I love to help as much as I can.

Start with a good foundation.

Learn as much as possible, whether it’s through books or even YouTube.

Network with people that are doing the same things.

I have interests in creating a non-profit, and getting into a business is the best way I can get into that position.

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