Let us help you put together a solid technology roadmap and help you align your business goals with your technology tools and vendors.

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Technology is complicated

Delivering your products and services requires a firm technology infrastructure. Choosing the right technology for the right purpose at the right time is essential.  It’s also getting more complex.  Before you commit to a purchase, you need to know, “Is this the right product for my business?  The right solution for my needs?  The right vendor for my company?”

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Making a less-than-optimal choice could mean
losing critical capital, valuable time and hard-won customers.

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We Customize a Technology Strategy Just For Your Business

At Data Up, we work with you to understand the current needs of your business as well as your goals for the future. Together we’ll design – or redesign – a technology strategy customized to your specific needs. We’ll help you realize the full potential of your business, and provide ongoing advice so that all part of the business are aligned.

Fractional CTO

Companies with budgets large enough to support a full time Chief Technology Officer have a person (or team) to vet the options and make technology decisions that help them grow significantly. If you need someone to take on that role without committing to a full time employee, or if you need help putting together a technology strategy or roadmap, get in touch with us.

Areas where we can help include:

  • Technology strategy mapped to business goals
  • Technology & Vendor selection
  • Unbiased advice and information
  • “Right-hand person” for business technology challenges
  • Digital Business Analytics
  • RFP creation & resolution

…and more technology strategy areas!

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