Clear and Accurate Insights From Your E-Commerce Data

Google Analytics consulting, BI reporting, and technology strategy for Shopify, WooCommerce, retail and start-up business

Are you Measuring your Online Business?​

Is a lack of useful data stunting your business growth?

  • You have questions that default reports don’t answer
  • You don’t have a strategy for using trends in your
    data to diagnose problems on your website
  • You worry that what you don’t know could be costing

Get the data you need to grow faster,

with help from tech experts who understand online business

Ways we help:

Google Analytics

Start seeing all the numbers you need to find and fix issues with your digital marketing and user experience fast. Custom dashboards make it easy.

Chief Technology Officer

Work long-term with a technology strategist who will ensure your tech tools and vendors serve your evolving business goals.

All-in-One Dashboards

Stay on top of KPIs and trends that keep each of your business divisions on track: web analytics, marketing data, CRM and financials.

We get it – tech can be overwhelming.

You shouldn’t have to be both a business expert AND a technology expert.

You should be able to focus on what you do best, certain that you have the data you need, and that you understand how to use it to keep your business growing.

At Data Up, we’ve helped many businesses translate their business goals into data that their leaders can actually use to make informed decisions:

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

— Peter Drucker

Getting the data you need is easy:

1. Schedule a Call

Tell us about your business,
goals, and technology needs.
We’ll sign a mutual NDA, and
then audit your existing data,
files and website.

2. Get Better Data

We’ll create a custom strategy
for your project, implement
needed changes, create
dashboards, and check in with
progress along the way.

3. Grow Your Business

After your wrap up meeting,
you’ll understand everything
we’ve done and how to use it in the future. Then you can use
your data to grow!

“I have worked with many technology strategists in the past, and I have to say Mo’s knowledge of application development, performance and analytics [was] beyond expectations.”

— Start-up client

Why hire a Data Up technology strategist?

Your business is already successful, but you know your next, and more profitable, millions won’t be due to luck. They’ll come from insightful, data-driven business decisions.

But right now you don’t have easy access to all the data you need to grow. You may not know what information to pay attention to, which to ignore, and how to use it.

At Data Up, we believe you shouldn’t have to become a technology expert to use data to drive your business forward.

We stand in the gap, seeing your business as a whole, and translating your business needs into tailored technology solutions that serve your best interests. You save time, gain unexpected insights into your business, and get the tools you need to grow.

Whether you need better data, an easy-to-use dashboard to guide decision-making, or long-term strategic management of your business technology and vendors, Data Up can help.

Put our 8+ years of experience in enterprise analytics, web technology and business to work for you. Schedule a call today.

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