Mo Hossain

Founder and Owner, Data Up

Mo Hossain Picture; Founder and Owner, Data Up

Mo Hossain

Mo Hossain is the founder of Data Up, Inc and an expert in Business Data Analytics, Customer Experience Management and Technology Strategy. Mo previously worked in New York and London with international companies for several years, where he helped major retailers, media and technology companies make sure their customers were having a great user experience.

After working as a Sales Engineer, Solutions Consultant, Software Developer and DevOps Engineer, he started Data Up to help small and medium size businesses understand their data and create a better online experience so their customers keep coming back. Mo previously worked at New Relic and Wall Street Journal (Dow Jones), amongst others. His expertise is in many things analytics, Dev Ops, architecture, website UX and UI. Outside of work, Mo enjoys traveling, photography, hiking, biking, kayaking, cooking, and spending time with friends and family

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