Small Business Tech Talks

Small Business Tech Talks

First Friday of Every Month — 10AM-11AM CDT

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Welcome Small Business Leaders! We’re an online and in-person small business technology enthusiast group. We focus on helping each other discover technology, marketing, website tools and tactics to grow and improve small businesses. We’ll meet every month on the first Friday for 1 hour to share what we’ve learned that can help our fellow business owners and leaders. We’ll have a focus topics with a 15-20 minute introduction to help us learn about something new / helpful from various experts. To Learn more and join one of our upcoming meetings, visit our Meet Up page or click the button above:

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Past Tech Talks

Business Challenges Video Small Business Tech Talks 1 - Small Business Tech Talks

Business Challenges – Small Business Tech Talks

For this week’s Tech Talk, we had an open forum on how small business owners are using different marketing techniques to generate more leads. Today’s guests are Anil Karakkattu, Casey Arendt and Renae Molden, hosted by Mo Hossain. Check out the video replay.

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About Us

Our objective with these free webinars is to help businesses improve their web presence and grow in our community. Data Up has many years of experience in web design, website optimization and business analytics. We are available for consultations and services in these areas. We also act as a Fractional CTO for select companies to create technology strategy that allows small businesses to save time and grow customers. Click here to learn more about us and how we help businesses.

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