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Small Business Weekly Tech Talk – Week 8

Thanks to all who joined. We discussed various topics around marketing in today’s Tech Talk. Here are the tools that we learned about.

Brand Strategy Workbook: https://mapandfire.com/field-guide/
Excellent workbook to figure out mission, vision and core values for your company.

Marketing Course / Videos: https://www.businessmadesimple.com/
Course created by Donald Miller around how to market your products / services.

Business Name Generators:
These two websites that help business owners come up with names for their businesses.

Info about choosing domain names:

Replay of the Tech Talk (Click Play Button)

Discussion: Business Challenges

This Tech Talk is a discussion on the challenges small business owners are facing currently. Today’s guests are Anil Karakkattu, Casey Arendt, and Eric Garcia, hosted by Mo Hossain.


Casey Arendt is transitioning from being a triathlon coach specializing in swimming to a digital marketer. She builds Shopify sites, copywriting, and building sales funnels for businesses. She also recently became a StoryBrand guide.

Eric Garcia is a Financial Services Agent at New York Life. As a fiduciary, he helps families and individuals understand how insurance and financial strategies can help them be secure and safe. 

Anil Karakkattu is the founder and owner of BHA Consulting, a business management consulting firm (bha-consulting.com). He refines strategy and processes, in business sustainability and growth. He focuses on IT, manufacturing, non-profit sectors, among various others.

Host: Mo Hossain

Mo Hossain is the founder of Data Up, Inc and an expert in Business Data Analytics and Website Optimization. Mo previously worked in NYC and London with international companies for several years, where he helped major retailers, media and technology companies make sure their customers were having a great user experience. Today Mo is facilitating the discussion on how some of these businesses are coming up against challenges and what learning experiences each of us has to share.

Casey Arendt

Casey is starting a new digital marketing business. One of the main challenges she is facing right now is coming up with a name for her business. One of the big hurdles for her has been finding a name that is available and is clear in terms of her services. The group had some suggestions around possibly writing down all her ideas and then picking out certain areas to focus in. Other suggestions centered around looking at keywords that are related to her interest. Once she has a name figured out, she would like to move onto making a website. She is thinking of using WordPress and Elementor to create the layout she wants. 

Eric Garcia

Eric talked about the lack of in-person networking events and activities due to Covid-19, making connecting with prospects difficult for him. Figuring out how to better utilize the virtual world is more important than ever for his business. Eric uses Facebook and LinkedIn to reach his customers. Sometimes getting through all the noise on these platforms can be challenging. Eric mentioned that a lot of people use inspirational quotes to convey their message to the customer, so he took it a step further to add his personal photography alongside these quotes. This adds a personal touch for his customers. Eric says starting this process off in the first place was his main challenge, but he has a good sense of it now. 

Anil Karakkattu

Anil’s consulting business has been running for two years and the key challenge he faces is building his customer base and brand. It’s important for him to establish the value of his brand. He would like his customers to know his brand and the value his services give back to them. He goes back to basics by asking questions such as “Why do you want to start this business?” & “What are the pain points that you are trying to solve for the customer?” He’s been attending various SCORE workshops to gain insights from experts in these different areas.

Please watch video for more / full details.

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