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Small Business Weekly Tech Talk – Week 3

Thanks to all who joined. We discussed various topics around technology. Here are the tools that we learned about.

Website Creator: Shopify.com
Mature eCommerce platform with easy drag and drop website designs.

Website Creator: Squarespace.com
Excellent drag and drop website design maker, with eCommerce platform.

Websites that compare Shopify and Squarespace functionality and benefits:



Replay of the Tech Talk (Click Play Button)

Discussion: Intro to Shopify – eCommerce platform

Casey Arendt is a former scientist, with a doctorate in Bio-Chemistry. Casey made a pivot to Triathlon Coaching and owning her own marketing company several years ago. Now, she focuses on helping businesses with web design on Shopify, optimize SEO and conversions for better sales. Casey gave us an intro to Shopify this week. Please see the summary below.

Shopify Basics

Shopify was started in 2004 and is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the planet today. You can get started on designing your Shopify website very easily. Easy to use, drag and drop, features will allow you to get started quickly and without a lot of technical knowledge. If you’re interested in getting more involved in Shopify or want to have advanced designs/features, it may be worth while to hire an expert.

What can a Shopify website do?

Shopify tools can track inventory, print shipping labels, take payments, outside of standard website content. You are able to create information “pages” and blogs. All template designs responsive for mobile devices.

Their mobile app allows owners to keep an eye on website traffic, incoming orders, and other basic analytics.

How to get started

Get started with a 14 day free trial. You can build your store, or even launch it and sell products during the trial. Design your homepage and products with clear messages to engage those people AND to get found on Google.

Basic plan starts at $30 per month. Additional fees apply for credit card processing and other extras. See Shopify pricing for more details: https://www.shopify.com/pricing

There are many options to add bells and whistles to Shopify. Use Shopify Apps to add functionality (free and premium options available). A blog can be useful to have content and keep customers engaged, as well as helpful for SEO.

Click here to Download Casey’s handout.

Thanks so much to Casey Arendt for sharing her experiences on Shopify with the group!

Want to learn more about Shopify or get help building a store that converts?
Contact Casey at [email protected] or (503) 807-6030.

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