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Intro to Small Business Tech Talks

Welcome Small Business Leaders! We’re an online and in-person small business technology enthusiast group. We focus on helping each other discover technology, marketing, website tools and tactics to grow and improve small businesses. We’ll meet every week for 30 minutes to share what we’ve learned that can help our fellow business owners and leaders. We’ll have a focus topics with a 5 minute introduction to help us learn about something new/helpful from various experts. To Learn more and join one of our upcoming meetings, every Friday for free, visit our Meet Up page or click the button below:

Small Business Weekly Tech Talk - Week 1

Thanks to all who joined. We discussed various topics around technology.  Here are the tools that we learned about.

Hashtag research: 
Thanks to Kelsey! She said after a basic look on this app, she does some searches to verify it and make sure it’s the right hashtag for her projects.

Keyword research:
Thanks to Anil! Great keyword searching and understanding tool.

Keyword research:
Find out about what people are searching for on Google.
Keyword and Google Ads research:
Learn more about your important keywords. See what kinds of ads your competitors are putting out there and how well it’s working.

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