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Small Business Weekly Tech Talk – Week 6

Thanks to all who joined. We discussed various topics around marketing in today’s Tech Talk. Here are the tools that we learned about.

Marketing Company: Storybrand.com
Helps businesses clarify their marketing message using a seven part-process that leverages the power of a story.

Marketing Channels: Social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn); Networking Groups; BNI; Workshops

Marketing Model: A.I.D.A
Action, Interest, Desire & Action. Describes the steps the customer goes through in the process of purchasing a product.

Replay of the Tech Talk (Click Play Button)

Discussion: Marketing To Get More Leads

For this week’s Tech Talk, we had an open forum on how small business owners are using different marketing techniques to generate more leads. Today’s guests are Anil Karakkattu, Casey Arendt and Renae Molden, hosted by Mo Hossain.


Casey Arendt is transitioning from being a triathlon coach specializing in swimming to a digital marketer. She builds Shopify sites and is currently learning to be a better copywriter and is interested in building sales funnels. She also recently did a program with Storybrand to become a guide.

Renae Molden is the owner of Kauit Yoga Austin, a yoga school that is focused on delivering a type of yoga that is considered to be a form of sustainable physical therapy. She teaches result-oriented classes that makes changes to one’s body and help them get out of chronic pain. 

Anil Karakkattu is the founder and owner of BHA Consulting, a business management consulting firm (bha-consulting.com). He refines strategy and processes, in business sustainability and growth. He focuses on IT, manufacturing, non-profit sectors, among various others.

Host: Mo Hossain

Mo Hossain is the founder of Data Up, Inc and an expert in Business Data Analytics and Website Optimization. Mo previously worked in NYC and London with international companies for several years, where he helped major retailers, media and technology companies make sure their customers were having a great user experience. Today Mo discusses some of the marketing techniques he uses for Data Up. Some of these include being involved in networking groups and associations, providing complementary workshops and some social media techniques.

Casey Arendt

Because Casey is new to being a marketer, she talked about her past experiences of being a triathlon swimming coach. Since she was one of the very few people who that specialized in this unique market, word of mouth was primarily the way triathletes in town were able to find her. If someone needed Casey, social media and races were the best way to reach her. Casey shared an experience she had with one of her clients that transitioned from selling DVD footage of vintage airliners to an online steaming model. He’s been trying to generate more leads through his YouTube channel by giving potential customers more explicit steps to follow such as signing up for a trial. Essentially, showing people a path to follow can make a big difference. 

Renae Molden

Renae is working with someone who has been reaching out to HR directors on LinkedIn and has generated some leads this way. She has also been trying to get clarity on a business strategy for a product that comes from Brazil. She is focused on scalability and how to sell this product to people. You need to show people that you have the solution to their problems. Focus on showing how you will help your customers will go a long way.

Anil Karakkattu

Anil says he is going back to basics. He has been questioning why he hasn’t been able to get leads and why his conversion rates are so poor. He is taking a step back and reevaluating his marketing strategies by looking at what he has done this far. After finding gaps, he is focusing his energy on researching the market demands for his products/services. In a vacuum this means learning more about competitors, technology and social strengths of the market. What is the customer looking for? What are the problems I am trying to solve and why would the customer choose me? Research shows that management consulting has a huge global market, so the demand is definitely there. Anil believes that people fail to realize how important operations consulting is to the core of a business. The main focus for Anil now is to understand his customers clearly in terms of what they are looking for and then bridging this need with different tools and technologies. 

Marketing in a Nutshell

Doing competitive research on the market is important. Finding out what competitors are doing well/not doing well is a good way to figure out your own marketing. Offering something unique is a good place to start. For example, in Austin only one of DataUp’s competitors offer a guarantee for their products/services. This certainly is an area a company like DataUp can focus on and differentiate in the market. Anil spoke about a marketing model called AIDA, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Understanding ideal customers that you want to target is key and should be the foundation of any marketing strategy.

Please watch video for more / full details.

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