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Small Business Weekly Tech Talk – Week 9

Thanks to all who joined. We discussed various topics in today’s Tech Talk. Here are the tools that we learned about.

Optimization Tool for WordPress: Smush
Compress, Optimize & Lazy Loading.

Image Optimization CDNs: Optimole & Short Pixel
These tools help make your website faster in different ways.

Image Compression Tool: Tinypng
Tool that compresses images for variety of different uses such as optimization.

Website Speed & Performance Optimization: GTmetrix
Test & measure the performance of a website.

Replay of the Tech Talk (Click Play Button)

Discussion: Optimizing Images to Speed Up Website

What is it?

Image optimization is the process of saving and delivering images in the smallest possible file size while holding onto the overall image quality. Optimizing helps by speeding up load times, thus giving customers and prospects a better overall experience.

How is it done?

The first way to optimize an image is to resize it. If an image is too big, it usually means it will take a longer time to load than one that is smaller in size. The second step of optimization works by using compression technology. During compression, the overall file size is reduced without sacrificing the overall image quality.

What are the benefits?

The first and most obvious benefit is website load times. Optimized images will allow website to load a lot quicker; improving the customer’s overall experience. The second benefit is an improved SEO ranking. Faster websites rank better in Google search results as compared to slower ones. This is crucial in today’s world and we would fall behind our competition if we are not optimizing. 

Host: Mo Hossain

Mo Hossain is the founder of Data Up, Inc and an expert in Business Data Analytics and Website Optimization. Mo previously worked in NYC and London with international companies for several years, where he helped major retailers, media and technology companies make sure their customers were having a great user experience. In today’s tech talk, Mo Hossain clears up confusion on the basics of SEO and how to improve SEO for your website.


What is a CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It allows you to have a copy of your website in different parts of the world. In most cases, the web hosting is located in a specific area. When you have a CDN it allows for faster data transfers for the end user. It takes the content you are looking for the delivers it closer to you, which makes everything more efficient.

Does Instagram automatically resize images?

Yes, Instagram along with most social media outlets do it automatically. They have a lot of tools embedded in their systems. When an image is uploaded to Instagram, they keep a copy, optimize it and load it onto their platform.

How can we see if a website is optimized?

The easiest way would be to measure the website on GTmetrix. This tool loads up the website, checks to see what’s on the page and gives a Google page speed score. It shows areas that can be improved on the website, in terms of optimization.

Please watch video for more / full details.

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