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Small Business Weekly Tech Talk – Week 2

Thanks to all who joined. We discussed various topics around technology.  Here are the tools that we learned about.

Non-profit help: catchafire.org
Volunteers help organizations with their expertise— thanks Anil!

Non-profit help: philanthropitch.org
Grow non-profit through funding — thanks Casey!

Keyword research: answerthepublic.com
Great keyword searching and understanding tool— thanks Anil!

Discussion: How to Sustain Business Growth

Anil Karakkattu, a business management consulting firm (bha-consulting.com). He refines strategy and processes, in business sustainability and growth. He focuses on IT, manufacturing, non-profit sectors, among various others. This is a summary of Anil’s talk:

Starting a business is exciting. Next biggest challenge is about growing the business. Then it’s how to sustain over the long term. Lots of businesses don’t survive after 5 years, or especially after 10 years. Only 40% make profit. Top reasons for failing: cash flow, lack of funding/marketing, etc. Acquiring new clients and employees can also be challenge. It’s hard for companies to be competitive with so many similar services.

Anil helps businesses by focusing on three areas:

Strategy (Where?)

  • Where do you want to lead your organization long term?
    • What is your vision/mission of your company?
  • Lots of different tools (SWOT analysis)
    • What’s the current situation of your business?
  • Based on SWOT, you set a goals and objectives
    • Create an action plan
    • Look at competitors to see what they’re doing; they’re established business. It’ll give you a sense how to position your business.

Operations (How?)

  • Streamline operations
    • Performance management
    • Structure of organization
    • People, development, processes
  • Design, plan, control operations
  • How do I reduce the cost of my operations?
    • Set operations goals aligning with vision/mission of company?

Business process

  • Use framework to reduce caos
    • Can we standardize a process?
    • Can it be redesigned?
    • What about reengineering?
      • Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Kanban

Thanks so much to Anil Karakkattu for sharing his expertise with the group! Please visit www.bha-consulting.com to learn more and get in touch, if you’re interested in working with BHA consulting.

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