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Needs are changing, and change creates opportunity. People are now working from home, working out from home; and in some cases, schooling from home.  Interest rates are low and in-home activity is high.  Life after Covid will probably mean more at-home activity as people and employers realize the cost-savings from working virtually.  Are you ready to reach a new market in new ways?  Does your website reflect the changing wants and needs of today’s home-owner/seller?  Do you have the tools and tracking necessary to move your business forward?  At DataUp, we can work together to insure that your business is equipped to stay successful and be more competitive than ever.  

Some of the areas where we can help you include:

Our Services for Real Estate Businesses

Google Analytics 101 Workshop by DataUp

Google Analytics 101 Workshop

Free workshop: expert in business data analytics, Mo Hossain, will walk you through setting up Google Analytics and reviewing the basic widgets.

Google Analytics Consulting by DataUp

Google Analytics Consulting

We help you easily understand your online prospects using Google Analytics, so your can business grow faster. Call our Google Analytics Certified Experts today.

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