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We specialize in improving your Technology Startups business.

You know your way around your own platform, and you’re a more sophisticated user of technology than your customers, which is why they come to you.  But who do you go to for new ideas, brainstorming, and general support?  Who understands the nuances of technology strategy better than “one of your own”?  At DataUp, we can help insure that your website is helpful to you while being attractive to your users.  We’ll hep make the experience pleasurable for the user and data-rich for you.  We’ll help you collect, store, retrieve, and mine data to serve you and your clients so that you’ll have the resources of some of the mega-companies on the budget of a start-up.  When you work with DataUp, it’s not an expense;  it’s an investment.

Some of the ways we can work together include:

Our Services for Technology Startups Businesses

Google Analytics 101 Workshop by DataUp

Google Analytics 101 Workshop

Free workshop: expert in business data analytics, Mo Hossain, will walk you through setting up Google Analytics and reviewing the basic widgets.

Google Analytics Consulting by DataUp

Google Analytics Consulting

We help you easily understand your online prospects using Google Analytics, so your can business grow faster. Call our Google Analytics Certified Experts today.

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