Google Analytics 102 Workshop

Learn to Set Goals, Track Data and Analyze Reports in Google Analytics Through This Complementary Webinar

Now that you’ve attended the webinar Google Analytics 101- Improve Your Online Business by Understanding Essential Data, and applied the suggested action items, you’re ready to take the next step in developing a deeper understanding of how Google Analytics can benefit your business. 

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool. Best part is, it’s free to use for everyone! No matter if you have a 2-page website or a massive eCommerce website, you can use Google Analytics to understand how your customers are using your website and where you can improve their experience.

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In this continuation webinar, expert in business data analytics Mo Hossain will focus on the steps of creating goals for your business that you can track through Google Analytics and review through the built-in reports.

You’ll also learn the importance of:

Note: If you have not already, please watch the Google Analytics 101 recorded webinar before this workshop, so these concepts are easier to understand.

Google Analytics 102 Workshop: Goals and Reports (organized by SCORE)

About The Presenter

Mo Hossain Picture; Founder and Owner, Data Up
Mo HossainFounder and Owner, Data Up
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Mo Hossain is a volunteer Workshop Presenter for SCORE and an expert in Technology Strategy & Digital Business Analysis.

About Data Up

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Our objective with these free webinars is to help businesses improve their web presence and grow in our community. Data Up has many years of experience in web design, website optimization and business analytics. We are available for consultations and services in these areas. We also act as a Fractional CTO for select companies to create technology strategy that allows small businesses to save time and grow customers. Click here to learn more about us and how we help businesses.

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Google Analytics 101 Workshop by DataUp

Google Analytics 101 Workshop

Free workshop: expert in business data analytics, Mo Hossain, will walk you through setting up Google Analytics and reviewing the basic widgets.

Google Analytics Consulting by DataUp

Google Analytics Consulting

We help you easily understand your online prospects using Google Analytics, so your can business grow faster. Call our Google Analytics Certified Experts today.

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